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Our Story

Being passionate about cooking is not a fleeting hobby for us and does not even feel like an opportunity to make money. On the contrary, cooking has been the driving force of our lives since we first had that epiphany back in 2000.

Horizons of taste are open only to the most patient seekers. It took twenty years for us to find our perfect menu, a special place with extraordinary energy, and finally, staff who is ready to cook memorable dishes for you. We chose Los Angeles as a location because it’s a city of dreams bathed in sunshine and cooled by calm ocean water; people here have unique tastes due to their nationalities, creating an incredible combination of cultures that we love!

Bask under the warm Californian rays on our outdoor veranda, sit comfortably inside with stylish seating areas, or take a selfie with your closest ones right next to our selfie wall.

Music is one thing that can bring people together. That’s why music matters at viaSelfie Kitchen! You’ll be able to hear live performances by talented musicians, so follow us on social media for announcements on upcoming events.

Welcome to ViaSelfie Kitchen!

Our Menu

“ViaSelfie Kitchen team strives to provide a space where people of all walks of life can come together over food and wine. We hope you will join us on our journey toward becoming your favorite restaurant!”

Founder of viaSelfie Kitchen

Order food online

Fusion dishes delivered right to your table.