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Eat. Drink. Selfie.

Passion for the world of cooking is not a momentary hobby for us and not even a business project. This is a much deeper and more conscious feeling that arose in the distant 2000s.

Horizons of taste are open only to the most patient seekers. To create our unique idea, it took twenty years to find the perfect menu, a special place with extraordinary energy, and most importantly, the staff who is ready to create memorable dishes for you. The location of our restaurant wasn’t chosen by chance. Los Angeles is a city, a dream, bathed in the sun and cooled by the calm waters of the ocean. People in this city are unique because of the various nationalities, which creates an incredible combination of tastes and cultures.

In our restaurant, you can bask under the warm Californian rays on the outdoor veranda, sit comfortably in a stylish room inside of the restaurant, or take a memorable selfie with your closest ones in an area specially created for this. There are a small number of dishes on our menu because each meal is a real masterpiece, and you should try each one. And finally, music is a melody of the soul, and with it, we make a particular emphasis.

In our restaurant, you can hear the performances of talented musical bands, so stay tuned for announcements on the social media.
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"We designed ViaSelfie Kitchen with only one goal – to unite people over good food and fine wine. I hope that our restaurant will become one of your favorites, and we’ll become friends very soon. To make the world a better place is a great lifetime goal, and we want to do it by offering our clients only the best."
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