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Twice a Week Live: Thriving Burbank Music Scene at viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen

Article from Jan 9, 2024

viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen is not just a culinary destination; it’s a vibrant hub for the Burbank music scene. Every Friday and Saturday, the restaurant transforms into a lively venue for live music events, attracting a diverse crowd with its blend of delicious cuisine and captivating performances.

Weekly Live Music with a Violin Twist

At the heart of Burbank music scene is the live violin performances that set the mood every weekend. The soothing and exhilarating sounds of the violin create a unique ambiance, perfect for a night out in Burbank. Music lovers can look forward to these regular sessions, promising a blend of classic and contemporary tunes.

Special Edition Burbank Music Events

viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen goes the extra mile during special occasions like Saint Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day, among others. These days feature themed Burbank music events, adding a special touch to the celebrations and making them memorable for guests.

Featuring Douglas Roegiers

Douglas Roegiers, a talented singer known for his baritone voice and dynamic stage presence, graces viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen once or twice a month. His performances, reminiscent of Frank Sinatra’s style, add a classic and sophisticated vibe to the evenings. Douglas Roegiers, celebrated for his engaging shows and versatility, is a true highlight at viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen.

DJs for Parties and Custom Events

For parties and customized events, viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen often invites DJs to cater to specific music preferences. Whether it’s a private celebration or a themed party, the DJs add an energetic and personalized musical experience, ensuring every event is unforgettable.

Making Reservations at viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen

To ensure a seamless experience, viaSelfie offers a dedicated reservation page specifically for its live music events. This allows guests to easily book their spots for these popular nights, guaranteeing an enjoyable and hassle-free evening filled with great music and food.

Free Admission to All Music Events

One of the most appealing aspects of viaSelfie’s music events is the free admission. Guests can enjoy the vibrant tunes and performances without any cover charge, making it an accessible and inviting option for music lovers in Burbank.


What days are live music events held at viaSelfie?

Live music events are held every Friday and Saturday.

Can I book a table for special music events?

Yes, you can make reservations online for any special music event here.

Who is Douglas Roegiers?

Douglas Roegiers is a renowned singer with a style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, performing regularly at viaSelfie​​.

Are there special events for holidays like Valentine’s Day?

Yes, viaSelfie hosts special music events for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

Can I request a DJ for a private event at viaSelfie?

Yes, DJs can be arranged for parties and custom events based on your music preferences.

What genres of music can we expect at viaSelfie’s live events?

The live music events at viaSelfie feature a diverse range of genres, primarily focusing on fusion and contemporary styles, along with special performances by artists like Douglas Roegiers, which add a classic jazz and swing flair to the mix.

Are there any age restrictions for the live music nights?

viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen welcomes guests of all ages to enjoy the music events. However, some nights might have themes or performances more suitable for an adult audience.

Can we request songs during live music performances?

While the artists have their set playlists, they often accommodate song requests from the audience, especially during interactive sessions.

Do I need to book in advance for special event nights like Valentine’s Day?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to book in advance for special event nights due to high demand. You can easily make reservations through viaSelfie’s dedicated online booking page.

Is parking available at viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen during these events?

Yes, there is parking available for guests. It’s advisable to arrive a bit earlier on music nights due to the increased number of visitors.

viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen stands out as a premier destination in Burbank for an exceptional combination of delicious food and live music. Known for our regular violin performances and the occasional special shows by Douglas Roegiers, it’s a cornerstone of the Burbank music scene.  viaSelfie Fusion Kitchen is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to fully engage with the dynamic Burbank music atmosphere.